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Cream Adhesive Remover - Small (5g)

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Product description:

Our cream adhesive remover has a gentle but fast acting formula, designed to safely dissolve adhesive bonds without damaging the natural lash and getting in to the clients’ eyes. It’s very gentle on the eye and very effective at softening cyanoacrylate – will give your client a quick, pain free lash extension removal experience.

Our cream remover has 6 months shelf life once opened.


  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • Apply with micro-swab.
  • Allow cream remover to sit on lashes for ten minutes.
  • Easily remove lashes by ‘sandwiching’ between two eye-pads, or remove with tweezers.
  • Wipe clean with a cotton swab and wash away any residue.
  • Rinse before reapplying new last extensions.

Warning: this product is intended for professional use only.

Liquid products, inclusive adhesive, bonders and cream based products cannot be returned. If you are not happy with your purchase please contact our customer service via email at

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