Lash Adhesives


      Find the perfect lash adhesive for your environment, application style and speed.

      Lash adhesive you can trust

      Lash adhesive can make or break your clients’ lash experience. Artist skill, cure time, retention and viscosity are all elements to consider. Choosing the right lash extension adhesive is a game-changer. 

      Matchmade for our lash collections, all our lash adhesives are suitable for novice to pro lash artists creating classic, hybrid and volume looks.  

      Perfect for promade fans, Fusion Adhesive  gives easy application and max retention. Beginner artists enjoy its generous 1-2 second cure time with 3-5 weeks retention for happy clients.  

      If you want fast-drying eyelash glue for low humidity, choose Pearl Adhesive. Strong, thin, and flexible, it gives 5-6 week retention.  

      Flex Adhesive is for pro lash technicians in all environments with quick cure times and the longest retention of 6-7 weeks.  

      Matrix Adhesive is a glue with under 1-second drying time and exceptional 6-7 weeks retention. Made in the UK, it offers EU-standard safety, longevity, and minimal fumes.

      Halo Adhesive is our go-to for classic or volume. Quick to cure, suited to low humidity and 20-24°C, it’s safe for clients allergic to Carbon Black. 

      Supreme Bonder increases the elasticity of our adhesives. It dries from out to in, preventing your extensions from curing.