Eyelash extension tweezers


      Australia’s best lash extension tweezers

      Must-haves for impeccable lashes, eyelash extension tweezers are vital for every lash artist. 

      It’s a fact. Tweezers are the lash artist’s wing woman. Applying lashes without tweezers is like a painter creating without paint. Impossible. 

      Our tweezers are crafted from premier Japanese stainless steel for the ultimate precision, grip and agility.  

      Wiggle, pinch, isolate and va voom that volume. Envolash tweezers make it easy to sculpt and perfect each lash to make your client look their best. 

      Finding the right tweezers is personal. It’s a balance of your client’s goal with your style, comfort and  hand shape.  

      Hand-tested to perfection and available in a choice of colours, angles and dimensions, our eyelash tweezers are exceptional calibre that will help you achieve the best result. 


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