6D Double Spike ProMade Fans - 0.03 - Mixed Length

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Taking your Wispy sets to the next level with Envolash Double Spike Promade Fans.

Each fan features a  Double Spike design, consisiting of five 0.03 lashes per spike. The spikes are meticulously close from the base to the tip for a sharply defined wispy look. The spikes are 3mm longer than the base lashes, adding more depth.

Exclusively available in the Australian market through Envolash, our Double Spike Promade Fans are an innovative design originally created by PLA. These fans are crafted with minimal adhesive, resulting in an exceptionally small base for a cleaner finish. We use only the finest Korean PBT material in our Promades, ensuring each fan feels soft and luxurious.Top of Form


Fast Facts:

  • 2 spikes on each fan
  • 6 lashes per fan
  • Spikes are 3mm longer than the base lashes
  • Mixed box 8-13mm
  • Diameter: 0.03
  • CC Curl
  • 504 fans per box
  • Made from Korean PBT
  • 100% Vegan

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